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  2015 Rotary Scholarship Recipients

Rotary College Scholarship Program Overview-Spring 2015

Rotary Club of Sammamish

  1. Sponsorship

This scholarship program is a vocational service activity of the Rotary Club of Sammamish and seeks to assist and encourage Sammamish high school seniors to pursue a post-secondary education with an emphasis on service to the community. The Rotary Club of Sammamish expects to award up to one scholarship for each of the three City ofSammamishhigh schools (including their affiliated home-schooled students.) Each selected student will be awarded a scholarship of up to $4,000 payable in equal annual installments over the expected length of their specific post-secondary educational program. Eligibility and awards will be decided by the Rotary Club of Sammamish based on the applicant pool.

  1. Eligibility

           To be eligible, each scholarship grant applicant must:

  1. Be a senior either at one of the three Sammamish high schools (Eastlake, Eastside Catholic, or Skyline) or in an accredited home-schooling program within the attendance area of eitherEastlakeor Skyline;
  2. Intend to attend any accredited university, college, community college, or vocational/technical institute beginning in the fall of 2015;
  3. Submit a complete 2015 Application prior to the application deadline which is in conformance with all requirements described in this Overview and on the Application and including all materials listed below. Applicants must use the 2015 Application. Prior year or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4. Have an email address which they regularly monitor, as this will be the primary form of communication between the applicant and the Rotary Club of Sammamish.

Applicants related to anyone who is or has been a member of the Rotary Club of Sammamish at any time in the past 2 years are ineligible. The following relationships are cause for ineligibility for a scholarship grant, whether by birth, marriage, or civil proceeding: son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter, cousin, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt. In determining ineligibility by dint of relationship the determination of the Rotary Club of Sammamish shall be final and not subject to appeal.

  1. Scholarship awards

Scholarships will be applied towards school tuition and fees only. Scholarships funds for each year cannot be carried forward to later years and are generally non-transferable. Payment will be made directly to the educational institution upon the award recipient’s submission of a statement from the institution to the Rotary Club of Sammamish Treasurer that includes the amount, remittance address, and student account number. The award recipient is solely responsible for providing this information directly to the Treasurer (; no reminders will be sent.

  1. Criteria for Selection

In awarding scholarships the Rotary Club of Sammamish shall evaluate the applicants based on the following criteria:

  1. Involvement in community service and commitment to making a difference.
  2. Demonstrated leadership in school and community activities.
  3. Character, integrity, initiative and other personal qualities.
  4. Academic GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  5. Completed application form.
  6. Official high school transcript.
  7. One letter of recommendation from a teacher from the student’s current school. For home-schooled students, the Rotary Club of Sammamish strongly prefers the recommendation be from a teacher who is not a parent or otherwise related to the student.
  8. Two letters of recommendation from people or organizations closely familiar with the applicant’s community service, leadership activities or charity work. Writers must neither be related to the applicant nor staff members of the applicant’s school. Organizations and those writing on their behalf need not be based in Sammamish; however, other writers (e.g. family friends) should be responsible members of the Sammamish community.
  1. Application must include the following (and only the following):

Applicants are encouraged to procure the three letters of recommendation specifically for this application. Previously written letters of recommendation (e.g. for Student-of-the-Month awards) are acceptable if less than a year old, but applicants must provide copies of all letters with the application. All three letters of recommendation must include the following:

  • Identification of the writer along with a home or business address and phone number.
  • How long the writer has known the applicant, and the nature of their relationship.
  • With specific reference to the selection criteria germane to the writer’s relationship to the applicant, the qualities and experiences that recommend the applicant for an award.
  1. Process
  1. Applicant submits completed application to his /her school counseling office or by mail to the Rotary Club of Sammamish so that it is received by end-of-day April 3, 2015.
  2. Applicants selected for interview are notified by email of interview place/time.
  3. 25-minute interview of applicant by members of the Rotary Club of Sammamish.
  4. Notification to applicants and schools of award winners and amounts.
  5. Payment of award amounts directly to educational institutions.
  6. Visits by award recipients annually to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Sammamish.
  1. Visits by Award Recipients to Meetings of the Rotary Club of Sammamish

Award recipients are expected to visit any regular breakfast meeting of the Rotary Club of Sammamish annually between January 1 and September 1 while receiving scholarship money. Award recipients shall address the breakfast for a few minutes on their post-secondary experience and take questions. This is not any kind of test! Rather, it is an opportunity for the Rotary Club of Sammamish to follow the progress of recipients as they pursue their education. Details of the day/time/place of meetings can be found at; visits can be coordinated by email to

  1. Interviews

Applicants shall provide three days/times at which they pledge to be available for interview. The Rotary Club of Sammamish will make every effort to give all applicants their first or second choice but can make no guarantees. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified of the time and place. Applicants must remain available for all choices provided on the application until notified of their specific interview day and time. Applicants must confirm the interview day/time promptly. Changes to the schedule will be possible only under extraordinary circumstances. Applicants unable to make their interview will be ineligible for an award.

  1. Timeline/Checklist for Applicants
  • February 12—Applications available from school career office on-line at (bottom of this page) or by email from
  • April 3—Applications due at the school career office or by mail to the Rotary Club of Sammamish, 3020 Issaquah Pine Lake Road SE, PMB 11, Sammamish, WA 98075. All applications must be received either at the school career office or at the above address by the end-of-day on April 4. Applicants mailing their applications should do so well enough in advance to ensure timely arrival. All late or incomplete applications will be rejected without review. There will be no exceptions; applicants are encouraged to be timely, carefully check their applications, and follow up with those they have requested to write their letters of recommendation to ensure that they are aware of this deadline.
  • April 7—Email notification sent to applicants selected for interview of interview place/time
  • April 10 – Deadline for applicants to confirm interview appointment by email to
  • April 19—First day of scheduled applicant interviews
  • April 26—Last day of scheduled applicant interviews
  • May 5—Notification of awards to applicants and schools
  • (Various)—Award ceremonies at each school
  • October 31—Final day each year to submit statement for payment of award to Rotary Club of Sammamish Treasurer. Remember, this is solely the responsibility of the award recipient.
  1. Miscellaneous

If selected for an award, applicants consent to the use of their name, picture, and selected information from their application (but excluding any contact information) in Rotary Club of Sammamish publicity. While the Rotary Club of Sammamish is committed to the youth of our community and to the offering of this program, it nonetheless reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend, augment, or cancel all or any part of this program at any time and for any reason. Questions may be addressed to via e-mail to

  1. About the Rotary Club of Sammamish

The Rotary Club of Sammamish is part of Rotary International, which consists of more than 30,000 clubs in over 200 countries. There are over a million Rotarians, each working to strengthen their local community and contributing toward the goal of polio eradication. All Rotarians work locally to raise money for both local and international humanitarian causes. The Rotary Club of Sammamish and its partner organizations stage the Nightmare atBeaverLake, a “haunted house” every October to involve the local community and to raise money for charitable and civic works and organizations. Rotarians around the world have raised over $800,000,000 since 1985 to eradicate polio.

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster, among other things, high ethical standards in business and professions as well as the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. All Rotarians subscribe to a simple, universal code of conduct known as the Four-way Test:

In the things that we say, think, and do:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?



   2015 Rotary College Scholarship Program Outline


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